What to do when we drop our phones into water or tea etc?

What happens when we drop our phone into water? And this happens to most of us, right? But how many of us have recovered our phone? Only few. In this article you will find useful tips of Do’s and Don’t’s, which will help you during such accident.

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  1. Switch ON the Device

If your device is ON, switch it OFF immediately. Power it down completely. If you have a case on your phone, remove it. Keep it exposed to air as much as possible. If it is a removable battery phone, remove its battery. Do not charge it or switch ON it, as it will cause a short circuit.

  1. Do not shake or tilt your phone

This is something we all do shake our phone as hard as possible, but you shouldn’t. If there is water inside your phone then you don’t want to make it worse by shaking because by doing this you will let water run into new places inside your phone and ruin it completely.

  1. Do not use Rice

This is the most used technique or trick which we all love to use. Keeping our phone inside a bowl filled with rice to soak the water. But, when you do this, there’s a chance that rice grain accidently stuck into your phone. Rice is not a drying agent, instead I suggest to use an actual  drying agents like Damp Rid (Available online ) or Silica Gel, the “do not eat “ packets we find in new water bottles, medicine etc.

  1. Do Not Heat up your device

Some people often use hair dryers to dry the phone. Using hair dryer, oven or microwave will not make the drying process faster, instead it will worsen the condition much more.


  1. Wash Your phone

If you have accidently drop your phone into soup, or spilled tea or coffee on it, then wash it. Wash your phone in a stream of clean water but do not sink it or dunk it.

  1. Keep Patience

Wait for at least 48 hrs for your phone to get dry. Keep your phone’s USB port aim downwards for 24 hours so that any remaining water drains downward and out of your phone. If your phone’s warranty has expired, you can disassemble your phone ASAP before drying it out.

  1. Waterproof your phone

This is not so helpful for those who have already dunked their phone. But, prevention is better than cure. Companies like Nanostate, Liquipel etc provide waterproof coating for your phone, so that you can be prepared for next time such thing happen to you.





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