Schedule Your Messages And Calls| SQEDit Scheduling App: Schedule Whatsapp SMS Calls

Need Scheduled Messages ? Busy in Work but wants to communicate with your friends? Driving, yet need to send an urgent message to your home or work place? No worry because SQEDit Scheduling App: Schedule Whatsapp SMS Calls would do just for you.(Download the App from below.)

Since Whatsapp undoubtedly ruling the world single handed when it comes to message service. Almost every smartphone user is using Whatsapp for messaging today. It allows you to share information, communicate with friends and family with just one click. But still there is one feature Whatsapp lacks is scheduling the messages. The feature is not demanded by much users but is still come in handy for some.

There are many apps in Google play store that offers you to schedule messages but SQEDit Scheduling App is the only app great for this purpose. SQEDit not only allows you to schedule your Whatsapp messages but also let you schedule SMS, Send emails later, schedule post and set call reminders. It acts like your personal virtual assistant. It effortlessly handle all your communication, in one place.

Its significant features are as follows:-

  • Time Saver:- By sending all your messages, post, emails and calls automatically it saves your countless hours.
  • Stress Free:- Easily Streamline all your communication to run smoothly.
  • Organised:- Stay organised by scheduling your plan and structuring all your communication.
  • Productivity:- Boost your productivity by tackling the top priority messages.
  • Automatic Communication:- With Automatic communication you can easily relax as all your messages will automatically sent as planned by you.
  • Set Reminders:–  Stay updated with your plans through the automatic reminder. Or you can also schedule Whatsapp and email reminders to be sent to yourself.

The App is useful to the person who need help remembering birthdays, special events etc. if you are busy with other activities like driving but still need to communicate, then this App is a must have, so don’t wait and download this App from above mentioned link!!

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