How to Prevent Whatsapp Hacking!!!

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app, used by almost everyone. With its new update which provide end-to-end encryption, is it still possible for hackers to hack it? Unfortunately it is. Whatsapp Hackers are inventing new tricks and techniques to spy on anyone’s Whatsapp without their knowledge. In this article, I will cover some methods which hackers use to spy on Whatsapp to make you aware, and tips to prevent it.

Whatsapp security is something that has attracted lot of attention. The end-to-end encryption is very interesting since they themselves cannot read the messages. But there are lot of ways to spy on Whatsapp, they are:-

  1. Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp web let users to use Whatsapp on their PC. This is a very handy feature introduce by Whatsapp. Hackers can use this to spy on any Whatsapp account. If your phone get stolen, then the hacker only need to scan the QR code from your phone to access all your messages.

  1. Other Apps

There are thousands of app available on the web which can be used to read Whatsapp messages with one click. In such cases, all a hacker would need is your phone. Once he got it, he will install a spyware app and can spy on your Whatsapp account without your knowledge.

  1. Whatsapp messages Backup

This might be the best feature available on Whatsapp, not only for us but for hackers too. This feature can backup entire messages of our Whatsapp on our Google Drive or in a temporary folder on our phone. A hacker might access your Google Drive and extract all your Whatsapp conversation from it.

  1. OTP SMS

We all receive an OTP message from Whatsapp when we install it on our phone. In this case, a hacker can use the OTP SMS and by this they can install Whatsapp account on their smartphone with your contact number and can exchange SMS.

How to prevent it?

If you want to protect your account from hackers there are some simple precautions that you can take:

  • Don’t let anyone else use your phone.
  • Always install the latest version of Whatsapp or keep it updated. New updates comes with new security updates which will be much helpful to you.
  • Always protect your phone with a password, or at least your Whatsapp account with a password.

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