How to Move Apps, files etc to a Micro SD Card?

Nowadays, all smart phones are coming with two important feature, bigger RAM and Big storage capacity, whether it is internal or external. Latest smartphone offers external storage upto 125GB and even more.Micro SD card these days are coming up with high quality and high capacity, ranging from 4 Gb to 512 GB. More available storage space means more virtual memory, which is leveraged when the device’s apps demand extra.

While there’s no set rule about how much internal storage space a mobile device should keep free, but there is always room for more. Storage space can be achieved by:

  • Moving apps to SD card
  • Moving files to SD card
  • Changing default camera storage to SD card

This is useful for those times when you want to efficiently upgrade your device, share data with another device, and/or transfer/copy the files to long-term storage/backup.

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How to move Apps to SD card?

  • To move an app to the SD card select it in the
  • Got to Settings > Apps menu, then tap on Storage. If you are able to move the app to SD you will see a ‘Change’ button next to Storage used: Internal shared storage.
  • Tap the Change You should be presented with a box that lists storage options: Internal Storage and SD Card.
  • Tap the SD Card Follow any prompts/confirmations that appear. (Choosing Internal Storage would move the app from the SD card back to the device.)
  • Wait for your device to finish moving the app.
  • Repeat these steps until you’ve moved all the desired apps from your device’s internal storage to the SD card.

Eventually, the SD card can get full and run out of space. So maybe you want to make more room on the card and/or backup files for safekeeping. The easiest way to move/copy files from an SD card to a laptop or desktop is through card reader. From there, you can move/copy files to an external hard drive and/or upload to an online storage site .

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