How Android and Cyanogen OS is different? Which is better?

We all have been using Android phones for a while now, it is indeed smart, efficient and has rapidly taken over the world. On the other hand CyanogenMod is a discontinued, open source operating system for Android platform. It is a third party version of Android that brings added features and gives users additional control over their devices.

Cyanogen OS is a version of Android like Marshmallow, Nougat etc. it has been modified to include additional features. Android, also, is an open source software that anyone can build upon. Today’s smartphones run some type of modified or skinned version of Android.

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The majority of source code for Cyanogen OS is still regular Android. What really makes this both different is nothing but their performance, privacy, customizability and longevity.

How are they different?

  • Security: – Stock Android provide better security and updates as compare to Cyanogen. Android provide us with more frequent updates like Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, etc. whereas Cyanogen OS don’t have a stable version of OS.
  • Privacy:-  As far as privacy is concerned, Android does not provide enough control over apps from using personal information. Google has rectified this in its latest version of OS but Cyanogen is providing this feature for a long time. It allows users to control permissions given to a certain app and prevent access to personal information.
  • Root functionality: – CyanogenMod does not only provide you with an easy way to root your smartphones, it also gives you an easy way to turn off root access via the settings screen. For some power users it’s necessary to become root on their devices, but for many normal users it might be better to turn this feature off and to increase security.

Apart from this Cyanogen also provides a lot of customization options and tweaks. Users can change anything present on the User Interface such as quick toggle settings, menu bar, app drawer, notifications, status bar and much more. You can also set different tasks to the physical buttons on the phone as mentioned above, such as double pressing the volume up button will open camera and much more. It also offers some sound tweaks to enhance the audio of your phone since smartphones do not come with powerful speakers.

But the major disadvantage that the Cyanogen users have is the fact that there is no incentive for manufacturers to keep updating their OS and hence we see a lot of devices which might never see an update in their whole life.

This was the exact issue that CyanogenMod was trying to solve and somehow, somewhere, that aim is now lost. This is most likely because the community is not able to cope with the constant update cycle.

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