5 Things you shouldn’t do with your Phone!!

So let’s face it, our Phone is the most priced possession thing we have, it is the statement of who we are. They have taken over the world and our lives from whatever we do in our day to day activities to finding our way around with certain things, our phone has been there almost every time and yet many of us don’t protect our phone properly. Some people often neglect such things to extreme, and many of them, in fact, don’t even know that the way they manage their devices can do them harm.

With keeping that in mind, I’ve made a list of five things people often do with their smartphones, but shouldn’t.

So if you’re doing any of these things right now, then STOP! Its for your own good.


So how many time have you ignored the “Update your App” option? Many times, which is true because it’s a normal human reaction, just like we ignore our mails we often ignore to update our apps too cuz’, why spend the internet speed over “unnecessary” updates, right?

But trust me, it is necessary to keep all your application up-to- date because not only you experience the best thing out of your app after the updated version, but also it’s a security issue too. When you don’t update your apps with the latest version you stop making good improvements to your apps and software, such as performance improvements or extra tools.


  1. USING PUBLIC Wifi or Hotspots

So Wifi are pretty much everywhere now. When you’re outsideor trying to save your data costs, it can impossible to resist the temptation of a free Wifi Hotspot or free Public Wifi.

But you shouldn’t because the information you share over these networks could be visible to the third parties if they know how to look. And if you are using a public Wifi I recommend to use a VPN instead, or ignore visiting the sites where you have to type a username and password like accessing social network sites or payment getaways.


It usually happens when you lose the original charger that came with your phone, and you try to avoid spending loads of money on the original charger. Instead you buy a cheap knock off chargers online which is not a very clever decision and also you might end up damaging your phone.

Original charger of any phone provide the perfect stability, quality and efficiency which these cheap chargers fail to offer. Cheap chargers fluctuate current which could damage your phone’s battery and increase fire risk. Therefore, it is best to stick with the originals, it will be hard on your pocket, but you will be saving your phone from awful lot.


It is done when you’re traveling or on holidays. You want your friends and family to know where exactly you are now, and how much fun you’re having.

Posting your location updates over media or social networking sights reveals your location which gives a chance to the people who might abuse this thing and figure out where you’re going, what’s your routine is and many other things.

For example, putting up a selfie which you took at your home on Instagram with geotagging enabled, means that you’re broadcasting where you live which isn’t great for protecting yourself from thieves or even potential stalkers.

So be safe, and just turn it off. Save your location for specific posts or special occasions if needed.


Keeping your phone clean is very important not only to keep it in good repair but to prevent the transmission of threatening diseases.

Do not think that your smartphone is clean because its not been on the floor or in direct contact with dirty substances because remember, that you use it even when you are on a toilet seat, we all do, and just think how much bacteria it is exposed to.

Therefore, you must clean your phone at least every one or two days to prevent it from being overhauled by threatening bacteria.

So these are some few things that you must keep in mind while using your phone, if I missed out on anything, feel free to share, comment your views!!!




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