Top Tricks to Save Your iPhone Memory

Whereas many Android phones allow you to add more storage through microSD cards, Apple’s phones are limited. Running out of space on your iPhone can be extremely frustrating. You’re looking to install a cool app recommended by friends or want to add to your photo collection and then suddenly those infamous words appear; “There is not enough available storage to take a photo”. If you are running low on space, here are “Top Tricks to Save Your iPhone Memory”.

Top Tricks to Save Your iPhone Memory

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First, assess how much space you’re using. To do this, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. The figures displayed under Storage (not iCloud) reflect the amount of space used locally and the amount still available.
Next, click Manage Storage within Storage Settings. The list will populate with applications ranked largest to smallest. If you spot any big offenders that are no longer needed, deleting them will certainly free up space.

Turn on iCloud Photo Library:

Moving files to the Cloud is an easy way to free up space locally on your iPhone. Apple gives you 5GB of free iCloud storage. This includes images, iMessages, notes, documents etc. If you’ve got more than 5GB of images then for 79p per month you can upgrade to 50GB.

You can do that by doing the following: Settings – Photos and Camera

Clear your iMessage history:

Going through my storage found that I had over 4GB of storage space taken up by the Message app. By default, the app saves all your Messages forever, that includes texts, videos, photos, files and of course, iMessages. The texts themselves are minuscule, but by saving all the attached photos and videos even on an old conversation that you haven’t seen in months could take up significant amounts of space.

Optimise iPhone Storage:

If you’ve got iCloud Photo Library turned on already or have just turned it on then this could be a lifesaver. What it does is reduce the resolution of the pictures on your phone, reducing the amount of storage they take up. It can do this because the photos you take on an iPhone are far higher resolution than your screen can actually show you.

Don’t panic, all your original high-resolution images are kept in the cloud and again any edits you make will also be made to the original high-resolution image.

You can do this by going to: Settings – Photos and Camera

Top Tricks to Save Your iPhone Memory

Source: google Image Search

Optimise Music Storage:

If you have Apple Music then this could again save you some valuable storage space. Essentially your iPhone scans your music library and then deletes songs that it knows you’re not listening to anymore. Of course you can then re-download them.

It’s an incredibly handy feature that effectively takes all the stress out of going through your entire collection and manually deleting all the stuff you don’t listen to.

To do this simply do the following: Settings – Music

Get rid of cache and temporary files:

An easy way to free up some space immediately with no out of pocket expense is to delete temporary files and clear your cache. To purge your history, cookies and browsing data in Safari. It’s a simple maneuver that can free up space in a hurry.

You can do this by going to: Settings – Safari – Clear History and Website Data.

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