What do you mean by Rooting? How is it useful? its Pros and Cons.

Looking into truly unlocking your Android device to use its full potential. Rooting Android Device has it own privileges like its your own phone in which you can do anything. In this article, you will find necessary details, pros and cons to help you get started.

What do mean by Rooting?

To get started with rooting your device, first you need to know what is rooting. Rooting allows the user of smartphones, tablets and other devices to attain privileged control over Android systems.

Once rooted, users can install and run applications that require special privileges. Following are some reasons to root your device:

  1. Easy to removing carrier bloatware.
  2. Access to real backups and custom recovery options.
  3. The starting path towards the wide world of customs ROMs.
  4. Overclocking and Under clocking
  5. Additional apps, software features, and enhanced customization.

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Following are the necessary steps to take for rooting any Device:-

  • Before rooting your device, you need to make a backup of your Android device, using Google or any third party App.
  • After that, you need to choose an APK (Android application package), which is used to distribute and install software on your device. Or you can choose any custom ROM like cyanogen or more which will offer even more features.
  • Rooting process will depend on the APK or custom ROM choose by you. Site like XDA developer Forum and the Android Forums offer in-depth information on rooting specific phone models.
  • Then, unlock the bootloader, this gives you complete control over your Android device.
  • After unlocking the bootloader, install the APK or custom ROM chosen by you.
  • At last, install a Root management App that will protect your rooted phone from security vulnerabilities and prevent apps from accessing private information.

Pros and Cons of Rooting


  1. Give you complete access over the phone.
  2. Access to real backups and custom recovery options.
  3. Provides you additional apps, software features and enhanced customization.


  1. Lack of compatibility with official updates.
  2. Process can be trickier on devices with locked bootloader.
  3. Most manufacturers won’t cover rooting under warranty, so extra care needs to be taken.

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