How to protect your Android Device by avoiding Malware Apps

Here is app for everything these days. You can spend hours playing games, video chat with your friends, keep a track on your health or organise every aspect of your life down to the minute. But the downside of this is that there are many fake apps in the Google Play Store. Malware apps can be destructive; in this case, at least one locked devices immediately after installation. Users would have to remove their battery or use Android Device Manager in order to unlock their phone.

Other fake apps feature ads selling expensive services. One ironically claims that your device has been infected by malware, which also prompts users to purchase expensive tools to get rid of it.

Google has tried to remove some of these apps from Play Store. You can avoid this by taking a few steps before downloading apps from the Play Store.

  • Install Security Software– most companies like Avast!, Kaspersky, etc. offer mobile versions of their security software. There are many free options as well as premium apps with advanced features and a small annual fee. These tools will scan your installed apps and warn you before visiting an infected website. You’ll also get features such as data backup, remote wipe and the ability to lock apps.
  • Read App Reviews– Check the user reviews in the app store, and look for expert reviews from well-known tech publications. This will shed like on any issues with reputable apps, and help you avoid malware. User reviews are particularly helpful in weeding out malicious or faulty apps.
  • Avoid Third Party App Stores– It is more likely to find such apps in third-party app stores, which often do little or no vetting. Stick to the Play Store, but be sure to follow the other tips in this article as well.
  • Keep your Android OS up-to date– Download OS updates and security updates, which often include patches to protect your device from recent threats.

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