Lock Photos, Videos, Apps and personal files by using Calculator

Photo, Video Locker-Calculator

Photo, Video Locker-Calculator

Don’t risk your private pictures, secret videos or photo albums falling into the wrong hands or being deleted. Download Photo, Video Locker-Calculator and keep your personal files safe and secure.

Photo, Video Locker-Calculator app

Source: google Play Store

Photo, Video Locker-Calculator app

This app can secretly Hide Pictures, Videos and Lock Apps without anyone notice because it looks as just a regular calculator. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after a PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app. Also this Photo, Video Locker can be used as regular calculator for daily use.

When you download this App, It will show just an ordinary app of calculator. But after entering your PIN, it will open like a secret vault. In which you can easily secure your personal data. And the best thing is that no one could notice it.

The app is available on play Store with 4.5 Star rating.

Download Photo, Video Locker-Calculator

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