How to install two or more Window Operating System in your PC?

Normally a PC have only one Operation system, but by installing dual boot multiple operating systems, you can have Dual Windows (or more) in your system. You can install them side-by side on the same system and can choose between them.

The process for creating a dual- boot system is very simple. Just follow the steps:-

Step 1:- First make a backup of your existing windows in case, you lost your data.

Step 2:- Install the first version of Windows. If you already have a single Window system installed on your computer then its fine.

Step 3:- By using Custom Partition setting make free space for second window installation. Or you can also use another Hard Drive to install the other windows.

How to Shrink the Window Partition?

This involves booting the existing Windows system on your computer and opening the Disk Management tool. Do this by pressing Windows Key + R, typing diskmgmt.msc into the Run dialog, and pressing Enter. Right-click the Windows partition and select the “Shrink Volume” option. Shrink it to make enough space for the other Windows system.

Step 4:- Now, install the second version of Windows. After installing the Windows, you will get two option- “Upgrade” and “Custom”. Make sure you choose Custom Install option. This will install the window alongside with the previous version.

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After the installation is over, booting your PC will bring you to a menu where you can choose your operating system. Depending on which versions of Windows you’re using, the screen will look different. On Windows 10, it’s a blue screen with tiles with the title “Choose an operating system.” On Windows 7, it’s a black screen with a list of operating systems and the title “Windows Boot Manager.”

There’s another option besides using partitions. You can install a virtual machine program such as VMWare Player or VirtualBox, and then install the second OS inside that program. This doesn’t require you to alter your main environment as does the instructions above, but virtual machines have their own problems. Not everything works in them.

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