Instagram Testing an Offline Mode for Android

At the F8 developer conference on tuesday, Instagram announced that Android app will be getting offline capabilities that will allow scrolling and browsing, even when you find yourself outside of a serviceable area.


Source: Google Image Search

Currently, 80% of Instagram’s users 600 million users are outside the US. So, it needed a way to provide a better experience for users with limited network connectivity.

Instagram engineer Hendri says offline users will be able to see content previously loaded in Instagram’s feed. People can leave comments, Like things, save media, or unfollow people — all of which will go through when they reconnect. Profiles they’ve visited before will be visible, as will old versions of the Explore tab or their own profile.

If Instagram introduces this feature for iOS as well, it will mark a deviation from company’s strategy for the social media platform app. As this feature has seemingly been developed for users in developing countries where network connection is still not seamless. It is likely to receive a positive response in India where this particular kind of features have earlier been appreciated by users.

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