Top tips and tricks for improving smartphone battery

Smartphones are a great utility today that helps us in doing various stuff like calling, photos, recording videos, playing games etc. It really doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have: the more these devices are capable of, the more pressure it puts on the battery. So, we have assembled top tips and trips for improving smartphone battery.

Keep the screen timeout short

Your mobile screen is the biggest battery drainer and should be dealt with. Keeping a short screen out time can help increase battery performance.

Go to Settings>>>Display>>>Sleep (select the shortest screen out time i.e.15seconds)

improving smartphone battery

Keep Vibration Alert Off

Though Vibration Alerts are quite useful when you are in a situation where you can’t hear your phone. However, to produce the vibration effect, your mobile phone has to spin up a vibrator motor which can be battery draining. In order to maximize battery performance you need to turn vibration alerts off.

Turn off GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth when not needed

The GPS tracker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of your mobile phone consumes a lot of battery. Try turning it off when not needed. These are one of the main culprits of quick drainage of cellphone’s battery. Some people have the habit of keeping all these things active even when they are not using them. Switching off these battery drainers will help in improving battery performance thereby increasing battery life.

Switch to flight mode or turn off mobile data when networks are weak

When you are in a place where there are weak signal and your phone is hopping between “emergency mode” and few signals then try switching to airplane mode to conserve battery. Switching off mobile data can be useful too in these situations.

Don’t Leave Apps Running in Background

Another culprit that sucks your phone’s battery are the applications that run in background. Just because you have closed the application and returned to your home-screen doesn’t necessarily mean that those applications aren’t working in the background. Close the applications totally when not in use to improve battery backup.

Avoid Frequently Turning On Device Screen

Some people have the habit of  turning on their display screen for no particular reason. And they keep doing so time to time. Avoiding such activities will increase battery backup.

Charge Cycles

Modern lithium-ion batteries gain nothing from being powered down, and long charging cycles are actually worse than short ones. Partial discharges and charges actually tend to prolong battery life. Running your phone down 50 per cent battery, charging it up again and running it down to 50 per cent again is better than a full discharge.

Turn “Hey Siri” and “Ok Google” Off

I know phone responding to voice commands is pretty cool but they also drain the battery rapidly. By turning off “Ok Google” and “Hey Siri” will help in improving battery life.

improving smartphone battery

Avoid Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers, animations and widgets may look pretty good on your home screen. However they drain the life of the battery even when you are not using any application. Avoid using them and improve your battery performance.

Turn Off Auto Synchronization

Don’t fall for the auto-sync trap. Try synchronizing applications (especially email type applications) periodically or the best option is to synchronize them at your will.

Use Ad Free Applications

Not only are ads annoying, but ferrying that vibrant, eye-catching content to your device takes energy. Always try and use premium versions of applications wherever possible. You will in turn notice the positive effect on battery life.

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