Don’t trust anything on Social Media: April Fools’ Day

Keep a sharp eye on your social media, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. These are the jokes and hoaxes spreading across the web. And it’s not just for kids and that crazy cousin you never really trusted. The companies trying to sell you stuff also like to show they have a sense of humor. So “Don’t trust anything on Social Media: April Fools’ Day”, read this article to know the truth.

Don't trust anything on Social Media: April Fools' Day

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Keep a wary eye on your social media. You’re sure to see links flying across your Facebook and Twitter feeds about some ridiculous new venture from the likes of Google or McDonald’s, and then five seconds later, wonder how you fell for it. Still, some pranks may turn out to be the real thing, just ahead of their time. Like Google’s 2014 joke that pretty much predicted Pokemon Go.

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We’re scouring the web to find all the hoaxes and jokes online so you can double-check whether what you saw is real or a prank. Some companies have already gotten a head start, like Lyft and Burger King. Remember, with April Fools’ Day upon us, don’t believe everything you see — and verify before sharing.

OnePlus Dash Energy:

The Chinese phone company is jumping into the energy drink game. OnePlus on Friday announced Dash Energy, an energy drink that could give you a full day’s charge in 30 minutes, as a way to promote its the battery prowess of its phones. Unlike with other April Fools’ pranks, though, OnePlus is actually making this a real thing you can get your hands on, on the streets in London, Finland and the OnePlus Experience store in Bangalore, India.

Free Flat Earth globe by Groupon:

The site is taking a page out of Shaquille O’Neal’s book and jumping on the Flat Earth bandwagon. Groupon is offering a free 2-D Flat Earth globe for April Fools’ Day. “Look out any window or walk down any street. The ground is right there, and it’s flat as an old soda.” If only we were a disc floating on a cat in space. If. Only.

Don't trust anything on Social Media: April Fools' Day

Source: Google Image

Coffee-flavored Coffee-Mate:

If energy drinks aren’t your thing, then what about coffee-flavored coffee? Coffee-Mate usually offers flavors like Caramel Macchiato and Sweet Creme, and for its April Fools’ prank, it decided to double down on the classic coffee flavor.

KFC’s Smart Bucket:

Because everything is connected online now, KFC rolled out a smart bucket for its April Fools’ joke, where you can order fried chicken with voice control, and use it to control your smart home. For Bluetooth it runs on “Limited Integrated Connection Kinetics (LICK)” and supports 401.17k/f/c Wifi. The power source is “Herbs and Spices.” Kind of like the Pizza Hut smart sneakers, which we also wish were a joke.

Don't trust anything on Social Media: April Fools' Day

Source: Google Image

Mono by Lyft:

The ride-hailing company faked a new wearable that, it said, would let you catch a ride by raising a glove called the Mono. Lyft unveiled the prank Thursday, urging people to “get Mono” — haha, get it, like the virus that’s associated with kissing? Apparently, the thumbs-up glove actually works, according to a Lyft spokesperson.


It’s Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa… but for your pets. The prank lets your dogs woof and cats meow to Echos in your home and order food or play fetch. The beginning of the joke clip also teases a fitness tracker for hamsters running on the wheel.

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Whopper Toothpaste by Burger King:

For when you always want to smell like fast food. Burger King France released a video on Wednesday showing off its April Fools’ day prank: a toothpaste that comes with “total whitening onion, daily fresh tomato and anticavity steak.” Does anyone know if you can brush your teeth with fries? Asking for a friend.

T-Mobile Onesie:

Forget smartwatches, Snapchat Spectacles and smart jackets. T-Mobile’s joke could be the next intersection of technology and fashion: the connected onesie. The smart pajamas are described as the most “complete fitness tracker ever created,” even getting down to tracking your bladder content.

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