How to correct your screen turned upside down or sideways?

If you ever experienced your screen turned upside down or sideway and don’t know how to fix it? Don’t worry; by reading this article you will fix your screen in no time.

First of all, one must be wondering why Window has this odd feature, but an upside down or sideway turned screen can be very useful:

  • Reading e-Book format files.
  • Vertical orientation of screen show more character than horizontal orientation.
  • To display data that is in list format.

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How  to correct it?

In some scenarios, the following keyboard shortcuts may be used to rotate your display. Whether or not these shortcuts are available is dependent on several factors including what video card is in your system as well as what software you have installed.

The most common keyboard shortcut combinations to rotate your screen are as follows: CTRL+ALT+Up ArrowCTRL+ALT+Down ArrowCTRL+Alt+Left ArrowCTRL+Alt+Right Arrow. If pressing these keys simultaneously does not seem to have any effect, you can try the following steps to ensure that hotkeys are enabled with your particular graphics card or you can just proceed to the next method shown below for resolving this issue.

If the keyboard shortcut method didn’t fix your problem then modifying your display orientation through the Windows settings interface should.

  1. Right-click on an empty space anywhere on your desktop.
  2. When the context menu appears, select the Display Settings option.
  3. Your display settings should now be visible in a new window. If you are unable to right-click with your mouse for some reason, another way to access this interface is to enter the following text into the Windows 10 Cortana or basic search bar and select the appropriate result: display settings.
  4. Select Landscape from the drop-down menu labeled Orientation.
  5. Click on the Apply button, which should instantly rotate your display.
  6. A blue and white dialog will now appear, asking if you’d like to retain your new screen orientation or return to the previous display. If you’re satisfied with the updated appearance, click on the Keep changes button. If not, select Revertor just take no action and wait 15 seconds.


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