What is Android Oreo 8.0? Its features, release date and more!!!

Android Oreo 8.0 is the latest major version of Google’s mobile. It was released on August 21. It is smarter, faster and powerful than any other Android version. The new software is already available on Google Pixel and Nexus devices.


There is no major visual changes between Android Nougat and Android Oreo. There are number of beta version released by Google. Following are some of the features introduced in Oreo 8.0:-

  1. 2X Faster

It is much faster than any version of Android. You can start your favorite task more quickly with 2X the boot speed when powering up.

  1. Background Limit

Oreo 8.0 helps minimize background activity in the apps least used by you to improve the battery life and performance of the Phone.

  1. Picture in Picture

It allows you to see two apps at once.  This feature is widely available in Google O smartphones. This is available in Apple’s Ipad. This feature enables you to watch video while doing another task in your phone.

  1. Notification Dots

This feature enables you to quickly see what’s new and easily clear them by swiping away. Now, you no longer had to swipe down the notification bar to see the alerts. You can see them right above you app icon.

  1. Android Instant Apps

This feature teleport directly into new apps right from the browser, no installation needed.

  1. Google Play Protect

Google is all set to make you phone more secure. Oreo scan all apps or games installed in your phone just to make sure they don’t contain anything harmful.

  1. Smart text selection

This feature is designed to make your daily interaction easier. It can detect entire address, if wrote earlier with double tap.

Apart from these features , you will see new emojis, Autofill which we use in Chrome browser and support for wider color gamuts.Right now Oreo’s beta version is available for developers and early adopter. It would take nearly 6 months or a year to be available for other new devices.

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