Download Rainmeter Skin

       Your Desktop looks boring, and you want to customize your desktop like Avengers (Movie). lots of software available for desktop customization but one of my favorite is Rainmeter – 3D Desktop Customization Tool . rainmeter is a powerful tool for desktop customization, you can customize your desktop like movies, 

Here is some example of my Desktop

3D Desktop Customization Tool

3D Desktop Customization Tool

       Rainmeter provide full control on your desktop, you can add rotating or  animation objects, create 3d shortcuts of your favorite folder for quick access. 

Download Rainmeter Here

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Rainmeter Software Interface

Download Rainmeter Skin Here

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        Download rainmeter skin and simply intall, skin automatically load in rainmeter software, now you can choose skin or load in your desktop, you can darg  skin for batter position and make your desktop awesome. You Can also create different-different skin layout, 

3d rainmeter skin

Rainmeter Layouts

3D Rainmeter skin

Rainmeter Settings