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Camera, its working and it’s Brief History

In the age of Instagram and Facebook taking pictures and uploading them the social networking sites is a trend now a days. You also...

7 Amazing WhatsApp Related Apps Which Works With WhatsApp

Watch Video For more Details Download Apps 1. WhatsMe 2. Text Repeater 3. Blank Text (for whatsapp) 4. WhatsBubbles 5. Stylish Text 6. WhatsWeb - Weblite 7. Parallel Space

Instagram Testing an Offline Mode for Android

At the F8 developer conference on tuesday, Instagram announced that Android app will be getting offline capabilities that will allow scrolling and browsing, even...

Top tips and tricks for improving smartphone battery

Smartphones are a great utility today that helps us in doing various stuff like calling, photos, recording videos, playing games etc. It really doesn’t...

Chicken Scream: The Funniest Game of Smartphone

There have been many touch screen games that you play. But the game we are going to talk about today is chicken scream. It...

What is an Operating System and what are it’s functions

What is an Operating System(OS)? The Operating System(OS) acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware and controls the execution of programs,...


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